Trump wants children’s book defending ‘King Donald’ in ‘every school in America’

Former President Donald Trump is peddling a children’s book written by a former member of his administration that stars “King Donald” and reimagines a kingdom where “Russians” weren’t a factor in the 2016 election.

Now Trump wants to distribute the book to children across the country. “Let’s put this incredible book in every school in America,” Trump said on Truth Social last week.

“The Plot Against the King” was written by Republican and Trump loyalist Kash Patel, the former president’s handpicked Pentagon chief of staff.

Conservative publisher Brave Books presents the work as both fairy tale and fact. He calls the book a “fantastic account of the terrible true story”.

“A key player in uncovering one of our country’s greatest injustices tells the whole story – for the kids! Kash Patel…..brings a fantastic account of Hillary’s horrific plot against Trump to the whole family,” reads a statement from the publisher. Patel says in his own statement that he thinks it’s important that people know the truth in the fairy tale.

The book centers on an evil plot by “Hillary Queenton” and her “devious knights” to reveal that King Donald was working with the “Russians” to cheat his way into the Oval Office. Patel himself appears in the book as a “wizard” trying to prove that King Donald was wrongly accused.

The book claims, in fairy tale language, that the discredited dossier on King Donald and the ‘Russians’ – compiled in real life by former MI-5 officer Christopher Steele – sparked the services investigation intelligence reports on Russian interference in the 2016 election. The book slyly claims the dossier was “written” by Hillary Queenton and “put in a steel box.”

In fact, US intelligence launched their investigation in the summer of 2016, months before the Steele dossier became available. The investigation determined that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the launch of an influence campaign aimed at getting Trump elected in 2016 and “undermining public confidence” in the democratic process. These findings were solidly supported by a subsequent bipartisan investigation and report by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

An investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into possible Kremlin collusion with the Trump campaign revealed “numerous ties between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.” Trump Attorney General William Barr determined there was no collision.

Trump much prefers Patel’s version of the world.

An Amazon reviewer’s comment on “DJ-T’s” book, which included the former president’s photo, gushed, “This is the most spectacular children’s book ever! It’s going to be YUGE!”

Commentary on “The plot against the king”.

Screenshot/Amazon/The Plot Against the King

Last month, Google temporarily suspended the book publisher from its ad platform for “circumventing system policy,” according to a statement from Google to Brave Books obtained by Fox Business.

It’s unclear exactly what the publisher did to break the rules. But Google’s statement noted that the company “does not want users to feel misled by content promoted in Shopping ads” and refers to “promotions that represent you or your products in a way which is not accurate, realistic or truthful”. ”

Patel then called the decision “witch hunt.”