Washington Farmers Market continues to distribute free children’s books | Radio KCII

Families can find local crafts, produce and produce, and kids can stay busy this summer by visiting the 34th Annual Washington Farmers Market.

Main Street Washington is partnering with local businesses for the second year of their free “Farm Fables” book distribution. Every Thursday during farmer’s market season, organizers plan to give away £100 to children who attend. Main Street Executive Director Sarah Grunewaldt describes the success of the inaugural year: “We gave away 1,500 children’s books last year and it was so much fun watching the children read or sit on a bench park and doodling. One of my favorite pictures is of one, it must be two [years old] in her stroller, book in front of her but it’s upside down. She’s reading this book even though we all know she’s just looking at the pictures, but they’re upside down and she’s having a great time. And so it’s a really fun program and it’s also kind of broadened our reach in our farmers’ market.

The Double Up Food Bucks program is offered at the market for those who receive SNAP benefits, and the Heritage Zone Agency on Aging will distribute nutrition vouchers for seniors at the market on June 23. The market takes place from 5-7:30 p.m. Thursday through October 13 in downtown Washington, and those interested in being a vendor can find more information here.