Williamston is home to 100-year-old functional typography

It’s no longer a technology you’ll find too often, if at all, in most modern businesses.

With today’s technology, you can do most of what you need with a computer about the size of your phone.

What exactly is typography?

You’ve probably seen videos of the process on Facebook, TikTok, maybe even Twitter.

Frank van der leer via Unsplash

Frank van der leer via Unsplash

Basically, a piece of paper is taken from the lettering, objects, etc., and pressed with ink. The process is repeated until the final product is complete.

Marco Djallo on Unsplash

Marco Djallo on Unsplash

A Williamston Company Still Has Fully Functional Typography

As someone who loves a good story, this is a pretty cool little find, especially for us right here in Mid-Michigan.

Alex Zaj via Zillow

Alex Zaj via Zillow

Limner Press is a Williamston, Michigan-based company. They are society houses a Chandler and Price typography from 1910.

Can you get custom prints from this Williamston company?

Yes, in fact, if you have an upcoming wedding, you might have good reason to contact this local Williamston business.

It’s a local family business, owned by a local couple, originally from Alaska. Next time you’re in the area, be sure to check the location.

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