Your art could be in the new Huntsville Town Hall!

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Another public art exhibit is coming soon to one of Huntsville’s newest buildings under construction, and you might be a part of it.

Arts Huntsville and the City of Huntsville are seeking local artists to fill spaces inside the new Huntsville City Hall, scheduled to open February 2024 at the corner of Gates Avenue SW and Fountain Circle (across from Fountain from the current town hall in the space formerly occupied by a car park).

Four locations inside the new building will be filled with public art, including:

  • Entrance on the first floor, behind a security desk
  • Sixth floor area outside City Council members’ offices
  • Sixth-floor hallway between City Council members’ offices and City Council chambers
  • Seventh-floor boardroom for the mayor (audience will likely include city officials, visiting dignitaries, and business representatives)

The Huntsville Public Arts Committee and the city have three primary goals with these public art exhibits:

  • Create an experience that engages public servants and the general public with each location
  • Inspire a sense of reflection, community and/or civic engagement
  • Generate an authentic, memorable sense of place in Huntsville

Eligible individuals must be professional artists with a portfolio or artist-led teams. All applicants must live within 35 miles of Huntsville proper. Architecture, engineering and design firms, galleries, organizations, public art consultants and project managers are not eligible unless they are part of an artist-led team. Applicants must be 18 years old and eligible to work in the United States at the time the qualifications are submitted.

Portfolios must include five existing works that:

  • Represent the artist’s ability to create a dynamic work
  • Demonstrate artistic excellence
  • Demonstrate the ability to produce age-appropriate artwork that also engages with Huntsville’s growing and diverse population

The five works must also be non-commercial in nature. In addition to the five required works, artists are also encouraged to submit a link to their professional website or portfolio that showcases a more comprehensive body of work.

For more information and application, visit the Arts Huntsville website.