Zeit Contemporary Art features Andy Warhol and Keith Haring at the Hamptons Fine Art Fair

From July 14-17, Zeit Contemporary Art presents a curated booth on Andy Warhol and Keith Haring at the Hamptons Fine Art Fair in Southampton, NY. A preview of the presentation is available online.

Putting Warhol and Haring in conversation with each other depicts the evolution of Pop Art in the late 20th century and how the two artists influenced and learned from each other. While Andy Warhol was one of the artists who established Pop Art as a disruptive movement in the 1960s, Keith Haring belongs to a second Pop generation, whose work grew out of the underground street art scene of the late 1960s. 1970s. Warhol and Haring’s art is driven by a determination to embark on a journey of progress, which has kept their work in tune with each new decade. Warhol set the stage for artists to embark on their own radical journey and paved the way for Haring’s graffiti style to be recognized as legitimate art. The two met in 1982 when photographer Christopher Makos brought Haring to Warhol’s studio, The Factory. Selected works by Warhol and Haring generate a dialogue that reflects their mutual influence and relevance to the Pop Art movement. Although the artists’ work differs in style, they share many similarities, such as their dedication to connecting with people through art, expanding the realm of what great art might look like, thinking on the iconic status of images in a world populated by mass media. , and last but not least, they introduced art as a form of business.

The presentation includes paintings, serigraphs and photographs. Among the works on display is the complete portfolio Icons created by Keith Haring in 1990, his last printmaking masterpiece before his tragic death from AIDS. Haring’s Icons is a series of five embossed serigraphs depicting seemingly unrelated characters, reflecting on issues of life, death, greed and innocence. While the images each tell their own story individually, together they reflect the entirety of the human experience, reading as a thoughtful farewell from Haring himself. pop shop IV (1989) is another of Haring’s full sequels exhibited by Zeit Contemporary Art, featuring some of the same icons from the earlier work that became iconic to the artist after his death, such as the Barking Dog and the Beaming Baby. .

Andy Warhol. Candy Box, 1980. Synthetic polymer paint, silkscreen ink and diamond powder on canvas. Image courtesy of Zeit Contemporary Art, New York

As for Warhol, in addition to his famous interpretations of the cow which made their debut as wallpaper in 1966 at the Leo Castelli gallery, two of his canvases from the 1980s will be on display, candy box (1980) and Valentine’s Day Hearts Announcement (Heart Fund) (1983), which reflect on the experience of friendship and love at a key moment in the artist’s life. A number of his Polaroids will also be featured, including his iconic Bananas (1978,) as well as serigraphs such as Birmingham Race Riot (1964), a black and white work related to his “Death and Disaster’s” series which features newsworthy images of violence such as plane crashes, suicides and nuclear bombs, commenting on public desensitization to the reality of violence in the world.

Join Zeit Contemporary Art for the July 14 themed Vernissage at 5pm to benefit the Guild Hall as we celebrate this opening with a timely Francophile theme. The party includes free French wines/tastings and French hors d’oeuvres, provided by the show’s talented chefs, The Plaza Café, Flatliners and MF Events. There will also be live music from the very popular French recording star Chloe Perrier and the French Heart Jazz Band.

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